How to suppress a group based on a running total

I wrote a crystal report that counts records based on a certain field. The running total field (in the group footer) sums the field, and resets for the next group. I would like to suppress entire groups from appearing on the report if they meet a certain criteria. For example {runningtotal} > 5.

I've been scourging google and EE for help and I'm still scratching my head, any ideas?
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JoshBottorffAuthor Commented:
JoshBottorffAuthor Commented:
really need to figure this out, so I up'd the points.
zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
you can close your question by selecting your solution as the answer (Accept as Solution)
If that doesn't work then click the REQUEST ASSISTANCE link in the question block and follow the instructions.

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