Can you deploy CA eTrust over a VLAN using Remote Install?

I'm having trouble deploying CA eTrust to client pc's on our network.
I'm guessing its because of the VLAN, as the CA Remote Install software can see the other servers (in the Server VLAN) but cannot see any of the PCs in the Client VLAN. It is possible to ping between the two though.
Multicasting is blocked between the VLANs, which is what I'm guessing CA Remote Install is usinging to find client PCs.
Can anyone suggest a way round this problem without allowing multicasting?

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Erik BjersConnect With a Mentor Principal Systems AdministratorCommented:
put a server on the client VLAN that can deploy the software or put your existing server on both VLANS (second NIC).

Supra_EddAuthor Commented:
Hi ebjers, thats for the idea. This is what we are going to go ahead with as there seems no other way.

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