Need dates that are less than 50 days away from now

I have this script that needs to pull records that are less than 50 days away form current date. This is a warning system about some cards that will expire in less than 50 days from current.

The script seems to be working for the most part but for some reason I am getting a few dates that are 2014-06-30.. That date is NOT less than 50 days away. I will post the code and the results.
create table ##tokens  (user34 nvarchar(200), DateDeath date)
declare @user34 nvarchar(200), @dateDeath nvarchar(200)
declare @sql nvarchar(2000)
declare @warningdate date
declare @expiresdate date
declare @serialNBR nvarchar(20)

--set the warning date variable. This says if its less than 50 days away
 set @warningdate = DATEADD(day,50,getdate())
 --SET @warningdate =   getdate() +50
SELECT @warningdate

INSERT  ##tokens (user34, DateDeath)
SELECT  m.NameReg,
        (SELECT TOP 1
        FROM    dbo.secureToken
        WHERE   usedBy34 = s.usedBy34
        ORDER BY dbo.secureToken.[DateDeath] DESC
                   ) DateDeath
FROM    AssetManagement.dbo.secureToken s
        INNER JOIN dbo.Users_Master m ON s.usedBy34 = m.user34
WHERE   s.DateDeath < @warningdate

select * from ##tokens

user34            DateDeath
Shawn Hess	2014-06-30
Caroline Foust	2010-05-31
Sarah Hanson	2010-05-31
Allison Jones	2010-05-31
Troy Baskin	2010-04-30
John Haeger	2010-05-31
Kerry Johnson	2010-04-30
Jennifer Bolkcom	2014-03-31
Patricia Barrow	2010-05-31
Toni Oosting	2010-05-31
Dana Leonard	2010-05-31
Tiffanie Markus	2010-05-31
Sheri Mersch	2010-05-31
Julia Love	2010-04-30
Brandy Martin	2010-05-31
Barbara Thomas	2010-04-30
Rita Hatfield	2014-03-31
Jason Williams	2010-05-31
Wendy Pinson	2010-05-31
Mythili Shastry	2013-05-31
Mange Li	2010-04-30
Anne Gary	2010-04-30
Marsha Baskette	2010-04-30
Julienne Martinson	2014-03-31
Stacie Thomas	2010-05-31

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Try this:
* From YourTableName
Where DateDiff(dd,YourDateColumn,getDate()) = 50
The field that you check "s.DateDeath < @warningdate" is NOT the same with the one that you insert in the temporary table. The one that you insert is the top 1 which means the first record
dboyd02Author Commented:
halfboddprince: this returned no records I tried < as well. It returned 198 records where I know there are about 22 that are expiring. Thanks though.

Mdagis. I am checking into yours now.
May try something like:

INSERT  ##tokens (user34, DateDeath)
Select NameReg, DateDeath
SELECT  m.NameReg,
        (SELECT TOP 1
        FROM    dbo.secureToken
        WHERE   usedBy34 = s.usedBy34
        ORDER BY dbo.secureToken.[DateDeath] DESC
                   ) DateDeath
FROM    AssetManagement.dbo.secureToken s
        INNER JOIN dbo.Users_Master m ON s.usedBy34 = m.user34
) DT
WHERE   DateDeath < @warningdate

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dboyd02Author Commented:
That worked perfectly!!!!!! Thank you very much.
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