How to change the Installation folder in a .net setup project.

Hi Experts,

How do i change the default installation folder to point to a specific location for my console application. I am using

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DhaestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check out this article, especially Adding Special Folders
Customizing Setup Project in Visual Studio.NET

How to modify the default install path in an MSI-based setup based on a registry value
bcisystemsAuthor Commented:

I just want to set the installation folder to say,


Instead of what is now something like
c:\program files\someprj\..

I dont know where to change this value in the project.

In Setup Project, there is no "Output Patch" in Property page. Files will
be copied into target folder which you defined in "DefaultLocation"
property. You have to add a new custom folder and specify it as your custom
location. Please try the following steps.

1.      Right-click on your "setup" project, select "View"|"File System".
2.      Common target folders(Application Folder, User's Desktop...) are listed
in the left panel of "File System" window.
3.      Right-click on "File System on Target Machine" in the left Panel, select
4.      After that, VS IDE will add a Custom folder named "Custom Folder
5.      When you select new added Custom Folder, there is an peopery named
6.      Change "DefaultLocation" to anywhere you want. For example:
7.      Add your new DLLs into this custom folder.
8.      When you install this setup project, DLLs will be copied into the

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