error loading lgou.rlo --- RUNDLL

I have a DELL optiplex, fairly new machine.  It is running windows XP pro with service pack 3.  Every morning when I boot it, I get a RUNDLL message saying "error loading lgou.rlo, the specified module could not be found."  I have checked msconfig and have not seen anything similar in the startup list.  Please help.
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If there's any doubt about Malware i recommend downloading & updating Malwarebytes anti-Malware, from here:
When updated, reboot into Safe Mode by depressing F8 and run a scan.

Tutorial available, if you require >

If you cannot run mbam, try downloading a new mbam and rename it *before* saving it to your desktop, then try again.
Have you been connected to the internet, because it resembles an error due to Malware or virus?

Uncheck it in there, and the error should be no more. Probably an orphaned startup entry from a previous infection, but would be good to do some followup scans......
After scanning, if you still have the error message & assuming you can reach the internet, we could see if HijackThis 2.04 finds anything:

Create a folder where you would like the HijackThis file to reside and run it from there, not from the Desktop or a temporary folder.
Run the scan & save the logfile.  Then click the "Code" box, paste the logfile into the "Code" page and we can analyse it.
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