Network printer failed to print asian language

Dear EE members,
I have two window me 's pc: one with printer: panasonic kx-p1131 and one without printer.
I have shared up the printer and let the user in the pc without printer using the shared printer.
Now, user complained that the share printer cannot print asian language thru network. She
must sit at the PC with printer to print asian language.
Anything I miss out during network printer configuration?

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bbaoConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultantCommented:
at first, make sure the problem PC has been installed the exact same version of printer driver as that on the work PC. it would be better that automatically install the driver from that work PC.

if this still does not work, try the following troubleshooting steps.

1. print a chinese document from an application on the problem PC

2. in the Print dialogue window, select the printer icon (the KX-P1131 printer shared on that work PC)

3. check "Print to file" option next to the Preferences button (this is for XP, it should be similar for ME)

4. press the Print button to select a file to save the print file (.PRN), press the OK button to actually generate the file.

5. run "NET USE PRN: \\WORKPC\KX-P1131" in a command prompt window, where WORKPC is the name of that work PC and KX-P1131 is the shared printer name there

6. run "COPY XXX.PRN PRN" to print and check the output on that work PC, where XXX.PRN is the print file you generated in Step 4

this will test if the problem can correctly generate the printing image using the local font.

hope it helps,
It's more likely that you missed something during font installation. Compare the installed fonts on both PCs (in C:\WINDOWS\FONTS). If any fonts are missing from a PC, copy the files from the other PC.

Also, on the failing PC, check that the driver is set to download fonts instead of using printer-resident fonts,
yjchong514Author Commented:
Dear EE member,

Can you explain further about: -
Also, on the failing PC, check that the driver is set to download fonts instead of using printer-resident fonts.

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bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
are you sure that on the problem PC you have enabled asian languages and installed fonts as well? can you view asian languages on that PC's screen?
To check the driver setting, there is unfortunately no simple way I can give you. The exact location of the setting varies with the driver used.

Try this. Go to Start > Printers & Faxes. Right-click the printer and select Properties. Click the Advanced tab and then the Printing Defaults button. Now try every tab and every button to find the font setting. Then select the setting that ensures fonts are downloaded with the printjob.

Did you compare the fonts on the 2 PCs?
yjchong514Author Commented:
bbao: Chinese Star in Win Me.
yjchong514Author Commented:
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