Connecting to pix 8.0(4) with Windows 7

We've had a pix 515E for some time and I know it's end of life.

But I'm running into a compatibility  problem with windows 7.

We currently only use ipsec with Cisco vpn client. Anyconnect is not compatible with this version of pix.

So I've been looking into L2TP over IPsec. That way windows 7 can use the already preinstalled installed client to connect.

Well, we actually have the pix talking to Active Directory for authentication.

My initial readings are saying L2TP can't authenticate to a radius/AD.

Is that true?  
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2 Things...   Did you know that there is now a 64 bit IPSEC client?    Recently released (Feb I think) that will support 64 bit OSs like 7.  

Lt2p example is here:
In that doc it states that "You can configure the security appliance to use an authentication server or its own local database."   In fact, the example showing Radius is right in the doc.
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