Can I convert OneNote notebooks into another format for saving?

My workplace is under new management, and they are removing Microsoft OneNote from our computers. I have 9 months worth of work notes in there. Is there a simple way I can convert everything to .pdf or .doc so that it will be readable without OneNote? I have so much data that doing it page by page would be quite painful. I'm looking for a notebook solution. (I have several notebooks, as well.)
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deisrobinsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
oneDayAtaTimeAuthor Commented:
This solution would have been PERFECT, had it worked. I could not get this app to run on my computer. I suspect it may be because we are not allowed administrative rights on our work computers. If the app would have worked, it would have been great.

I ended up making folders for each notebook, then converting each tab(sheet) to Word and sticking it in the folder. Not ideal, but everything is there. I'll just have to do a lot of "Finds" to get to things.

Thanks, anyway!
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