Printing through a L2L VPN Tunnel

Hi All,

I have a situation where site A accesses a program at site B though a L2L tunnel

The tunnel is up and functioning and the users can access and use the program with no issues but when they try to print from the program to a printer at site A it does not print.  The admin at site B can see the print jobs in the queue at his site. He can also ping the printer from site B

site A 192.168.0.X

site B 192.168.10.X

printer at site A is

Note: the issue coincides with the addition on another L2L Tunnel that I created and had to NAT it to a different IP for that tunnel

I did back out this changes and the issue with the printing still happened so I am not sure if it was the cause


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Are you printing to the IP on TCP 9100 or using some other mechanism, like a windows share or something?

I would 1st check the ASDM/syslog to see if any packets bound for that ip on that port are being dropped.  

From that site, you should be able to telnet to 9100 on that ip and get a response.  

You mentioned that you created a new NAT for the printer for another tunnel...    What does that nat look like?   Did you use the proper source and dest address?   Does the new subnet overlap with the SiteB subnet?
itsadmin1Author Commented:
Thanks for the response Mike.
The nat was just for connectivity and not printing for the new tunnel and the subnets of the new one and Site B do not overlap
So, is it an IP printer?   If so, you should be able to telnet to port 9100 and get a reply...   is this correct?
itsadmin1Author Commented:
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