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We are holding financial data on our PC's.   As part of an audit , we are supposed to be encrypting our drives.   Though , we have not done this.    Encryption to me has always been about support and ease of install and recovery from an accident.

In the past, I have used Securedoc and it was fine.  Maybe it is still okay.

Am looking for some guidance on what product we might get to apply to these XP and Vista machines , maybe 5 at most, to get it on easy and make it hard for the user to get accidentally locked out of.   "if this is even possible"
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Depending of how much money you can spend, the leading technology for Encryption is from a company called Entrust (www.entrust.com)

I worked with their technology for 5 years while I had a contract with the Ontario Government (Canadian Province).

They can do everything in Encryption, period.  For HD encryption, it asks only for a password at boot, and that's it.
Have a look at True Crypt. Its open source and offers Full folder or drive encryption. Failing that you have PGP encryption which covers network folders and drives.

Pointsec has been around a while and most financial institutions use this to achieve federal compliance.     I've used it at 2 different banks and, although a little cumbersome, it does offer full drive encryption, centralized password control and resets, and recovery.
You could also have a look at http://www.pgp.com. Whole disk encryption products.
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