solaris 10 not able to get mac address of a newly added NIC


I have a reduced network support installation of solaris 10. I have 3 NICs(Two on board and one PCI SUN make addon). I have added afourth sun NIC recently.
 After setting local-mac-address=true also, I am seeing same mac on Two add on PCI NIC cards.
I have tried using show-net, .properties method also, but could not find mac address of these add on on cards.

Is it possible to see mac address of NIC, by hardware probing or some solaris specific method ?

PS: please don't suggest to use ifconfig -a, ...etc. I hope you appreciate the fact that I tried usual internet help, and solaris docs available.

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Brian UtterbackPrinciple Software EngineerCommented:
What kind of add-on cards are you talking about? Not all Sun manufactured NIC cards have a MAC
address pre-configured, so even if you srt local-mac-address to true, you will still get the hostid based
MAC address on them.

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do probe-scsi-all and see if it detects that card...
check if it shows in /etc/path_to_inst file
rags_cdotAuthor Commented:
Yes,  This is what I also come across from the following link, but the procedure from sun doc is not working for me ,,that is fiixing mac address to network interface permanently(even after reboot).
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rags_cdotAuthor Commented:
Does it mean we can't use such nic in a firewall env ?
Brian UtterbackPrinciple Software EngineerCommented:
Are you saying that your firewall screens packets based on the MAC address? Some wireless routers screen on the MAC, and Network Access Control (NAC) systems use the MAC address, but usually you want your firewalls to use IP addresses, since the MAC address for a packet changes at every hop.

In any case, if you look at the bottom of the doc you linked to above, you will see that if you configure a MAC address in the /etc/hostname.interface file, that this MAC address will be used after each reboot and will be permanent. (note that the "interface" part above should be the actual name of the interface, not the word "inbterface", e.g. /etc/hostname.hme0. The "hostname" part is literal though)
rags_cdotAuthor Commented:
Can you please enlihghten me about the entries of hostname.ifname(hostname.hme0..etc)
I was told to put IP address in some docs and hostname in some other. And now this ether address.
How it works ?
My concern is that it should hold MAC,IP address and hostname as well.
And system should be able to pass this info to the immediate hop on request like during arp, routing..etc.even after reboot.
rags_cdotAuthor Commented:
"Not all Sun manufactured NIC cards have a MAC
address pre-configured, so even if you srt local-mac-address to true, you will still get the hostid based
MAC address on them. "

By the way, can you point me to the above statement resource ?

Firewall won't screen based on MAC but it would help during traffic flow, like learning MAC by next hop.
When there two NICs(add on PCI NICs) with same mac but two different IPs , I am seeing my next hop behaving crazy by learning wrong map(mac-ip2 or mac-ip1) and causing packet drop. I am sure this is related sun because, I can verify this arp issue through wireshark on next hop.
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