CPU compatibility between VMware hosts

I'm upgrading my current VMware environment from 3.0 - Vsphere and I'm concerned about CPU incompatibility between the current server CPU and a new server to be purchased, here's the specs.

My current production server running VMware 3.0 that will be upgraded to Vsphere is a Dell PE2900-III - 2 Processor. 80556K, Xeon Clovertown, E5335.

A new server that will be introduced into the environment and will be installed with Vsphere is a Dell R710 2 quad core X5570 Xeon Processor.

Looking at this link below from VMware shows that these two cpu's are incompatible for certain features I need in my VMware Hosted environment (Vmotion specifically), the cpu's are in different groups as far as I can tell. Of course these two servers can be hosts in a VWware environment and support VM's but not just the VMotion.


The work around in the link is not acceptable to me since it's risky.

Do any of you VMware experts see this as real risk? I've gotten conflicting answers from some VMware consultants that say either it's no problem or it is a problem.

Or perhaps there is a new server that I can purchase as a host that would be compatible with the current server?

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I have the same hardware as you, a server with E5335 series processors and another with x5570 processors.  I could not get that workaround to work for me.

Until you are reach to purchase additional hardware to have both servers with the same processor family, you are going to have to do without the vMotion capabilities.  You can still migrate virtual machines, you just have to power them off first.  Also, High Availability still works just fine.
We had the same problem and ended up replacing our server with new identical one because of the cost a problem trying to find one that matched our current environment. The CPU's have to be identical for vmotion to work.
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