CSS Background Image not loading in IE8 on Windows 7

On page load, the image is indefinitely loaded in the status bar and not rendered on screen. If I hit F5 to refresh the page, the page is then loaded with no issue. I have tried removing the background image and then the same issue will happen, just with a different image.

This issue is only occurring on IE8 with Windows 7. This happening to multiple sites on multiple servers, some of which are PHP based Drupal websites on a Linux servers and some of which are ASP.Net websites on Windows servers. This has lead me to believe that it is an environment of the user and not server that is causing the issue. The image path is accurate and the image is there.

margin:0 auto;

Any help or anyone who has seen this same issue?
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Rowdyone52Author Commented:
NO Solution
Nenad RajsicCommented:
i can't see anything wrong with your code so it must be a browser issue. i'll monitor this just in case someone gives you a real solution
Rowdyone52Author Commented:
Thanks for the feedback. This is a very odd occurrence and a first for me in nearly ten years of web design with CSS.
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Nenad RajsicCommented:
A long shot but here we go:

looking at the path in your image i presume you use a CMS. maybe check your compression settings. I work with Vivvo and there is a php file that compresses all the css and js code before it's sent to your browser and I had some issues with certain classes that were compressed before.
Rowdyone52Author Commented:
Thanks for the response. Yes, I am using a CMS for this particular website. I have tried turning on and off the CSS optimize settings and the issue still occurs. This is also occurring in completely custom made ASP.net websites, so I did not isolate it to being an issue with the Drupal CMS.

Do you run Windows 7  and IE8?
Nenad RajsicCommented:
no I run XP and IE8/Firefox/Chrome. If you find a solution please post it here. I'd like to know what is causing that problem.
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