Domino HTTP Server is not restarting on iSeries

I found the following in log.  It stopped after server restart at midnight.

04/22/2010 02:30:32   HTTP Server: Using Web Configuration View
04/22/2010 02:30:32   HTTP Server: Error - Unable to Bind DOMMAIL1.DOORGROUP.COM, port 80, port in use or Bind To Host configuration specifies a duplicate IP address/host
04/22/2010 02:30:34   HTTP Server: Shutdown
muralibmkProgrammer AnalystAsked:
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
IMHO, you should ask a new question for this. But you can easily find many potential solutions when you search Google for the exact text of the message, also here in the EE dungeons. Here's one:
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
I'm not terribly familiar with Domino on iSeries, but it sounds like port 80 on the IP address associated with is already in use by another process (or another copy of this process, perhaps).

This IBM Support document looks like it might offer some advice related to your problem:

- Gary Patterson
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Good guess! The easiest way to find out which process has that port is to use a browser to connect to the server. If you want the Domino server to "own" port 80, you uhave to stop the other process, or you can configure Domino to use a different port (8080 or so).
muralibmkProgrammer AnalystAuthor Commented:
We resolved the HTTP issue by rebooting the Domino Server and killing other jobs manually.  But again we are having the following error for Directory Assistance database.
[03211:00034-0000006C] 04/22/2010 13:48:22   Directory Assistance database has one or more invalid replicas for domain ACME.
When you IPL you will likely have the same HTTP error.  Probably, the IBM HTTP server is set to autostart and probably it is not bound to one particular IP and therefore listens to all IPs on the system and probably it will start before Domino does and therefore Domino will see the port already in use.  

If IBM HTTP server is not needed, set it to not autostart.  If it is needed, bind it to one IP (not Domino's IP).  Both of these configs are point-and-click via iSeries navigator under Network > Servers > TCP/IP.
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