VMware ISA server Citrix server

we plan to install VMware+ ISA server+ Citrix server on windows 2003 .we bought  a new server machine for VMware server.
how can i install VMware, ISA server and Citrix server? or other suggestion?
Thank you
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Well, it depends on how you want to do it; according to your post, it seems like you're wanting to install W2K3 on your server, then run VMware Server 2 on that. Then, create 2 VMs...an ISA and Citrix Server?...is that what you were thinking? If so, I personally wouldn't create your virtualization structure that way...too much overhead. To retain more of your resources (CPU/RAM and even disk space), I would configure your infrastructure as GKalosky suggested. Download and install ESXi4 on your server. Be certain your server supports 64-bit though as ESXi4 is a 64-bit only hypervisor. As GKalosky suggested, check your server hardware against VMware's HCL to see if it's compatible:

Then, download ESXi4 (http://downloads.vmware.com/d/info/datacenter_downloads/vmware_esxi/4). You will need to create a VMware acct to do so, which only consists of an email addy and pwd. Keep in mind that although ESXi is free, you will still need a license. When you download it, a 25-character license key is displayed for you. Copy and paste this in a txt file. Then, paste it in the Licensing area when logging into your host the 1st time (if you don't enter this key, it will display '60-day evaluation') in the vSphere Client.

If you're thinking of doing a P2V of your current physical servers, you can use vCenter Converter Standalone tool (http://downloads.vmware.com/d/info/datacenter_downloads/vmware_vcenter_converter_standalone/4_0). The conversion wizard gives you options to modify your disk sizes (larger or smaller in size), as well as resources and other configurable items. If possible though, I recommend creating fresh VMs and migrating data on them as needed. VMware also recommends that as it's the "cleanest". But, it's not necessarily the most feasible alternative.

Hope this helps.

Install VMWare ESXi 4.0 or ESX 4.0 on the server.  Be sure to check the hardware compatibility list found on the VMware site before doing so.  You can then create VMs for the ISA and Citrix servers to run on the VMWare server.
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