Sending out custom Outlook Accepted invitational messages

Hi Guys,

Is there away in Outlook 2003 to be able to send an automatic response when a person accepts an Invite for a meeting/calendar.

I have been given a template that I would like to send out to people who accept a calendar invitation in Outlook 2003.

Any ideas?
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David LeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, ambri5h.

I might be able to do it with a bit of scripting.  Assuming that I can, there's one potential problem.  Outlook 2003 and earlier contains a security feature that prevents a script from sending a message without the user's explicit permission.  That security feature cannot be turned off, but there are ways to work around it.  Here are those ways:

1.  Sign the code.  Here's a link to instructions on doing that:
2.  Use ClickYes (, a small utility that'll click the Yes button for you.  It creates a security hole though, since a virus could start sending messages and ClickYes would click the Yes button for it too.  
3.  Use Redemption (, a COM library that enables code to safely bypass Outlook security.

If you want to pursue this as a solution, then I'll test to see that a script can do this.  If it can, then I will post the script and instructions for using it.
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