Terminal Services Group policy in Server 2008 for Citrix

We are going to build 3 Citrix servers and want to implement roaming profiles with folder redirection.  I have some questions on if I am configuring this correctly.  First I created an OU and put the test server in the OU.  I created a GP and enabled loopback processing, set the TS profiles path and set the TS home directory path and drive letter.  I disabled the user settings.  i created the share and it has Creator Owner permissions applied to allow access.  I created a group and put the server in that group.  I added the group to the group policy.

User Settings:  I created another GP for folder redirection and seems to work.  

For some reason, the TS profiles GP is not working and is there a step by step doc for creating a TS policy for server 2008?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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Use the following link for best practice on folder redirections and file permissions for profiles.


Okay so a couple things to Note.  make sure that your servers are in the desired OU that has this policy configured.  Its good you have loopback processing enables because you are going to need that turned on so it gets applied when users log in.  Have you run gpupdate /force on your servers after making these changes?  This will ensure the servers get the latest Group Policy Objects

Also after a user logs in, have them run a GPResult from the Command Line and it will tell you if the policy is getting applied or being filtered out.  You can also run a RSOP.MSC to see exactly which settings are applied to the specific user.
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