SSIS - FTP Task Help?

Hello ...again. :)

Hopefully this question will be easier than some of the others I have asked.  In SQL 2000 we were using an extended stored procedure to ftp files... in sql 2005...this process is no longer working.  As I learned about the ftp task in SSIS I thought this would be a much easier way to get the job done than trying to troubleshoot this complex extended stored proc.

My experience with SSIS has been mostly reporting services projects... so, I'm a wiz at making reports but totally lost on making SSIS packages.

I'm trying to figure out what to drop from the toolbox and how to do the flows for this...

I just want to take a text file that is sitting on the server and ftp it to another server...Nothing fancy or special...

Right now I have a file system task, the ftp task and a connection manager for the flat file.  But my little tasks have x's on them...

Anybody have an example packge they could upload or instructions that could walk me through how to set this up?

Thanks a bunch!
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1.  Double click your "FTP Task" in SSIS
2.  In the general section, click in the "FtpConnection" and create a new connection to where ever you need to FTP to.
3.  On the "File Transfer" section, click "LocalPath" and specify the file you want to FTP - your flat flie should be in drop down (if not, then select new connection).

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Roxanne25Author Commented:
Ok, so do I need any other objects then?  Is the only thing I should have in the package window the ftp task?
If your only task is to FTP, then you can add that and be done.  
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Roxanne25Author Commented:
oh neato that's so simple.. :P

What about success/failure is there any kind of logging or notification if the ftp was successful?
Few high level options...

You can use SSIS logs by going to SSIS-->Logging...

Or create two more tasks to maybe enter a record in to a table based on a success or failure.  Under your FTP task should be a green arrow.  Drag the green arrow to any task you want to do on a success.  Then drag another arrow to one that you want to do on a failure (double click the second arrow and change "Value" to "Failure")
Roxanne25Author Commented:
Ok thanks...

I just tried it...and I'm still getting some errors...

I added the ftp task
I set up the connection manager to the ftp server and tested the connection
I selected the file on the local server that I want to send

The problem I'm having is with the remote path?  I'm not sure how to set that... I put in /ftp as the path and I ran it then I got this error:

[Connection manager "FTP Connection Manager"] Error: An error occurred in the requested FTP operation. Detailed error description: 200 Type set to I. 200 PORT command successful. 550 /ftp/CCRPreprocess_SMALL.TXT: The system cannot find the path specified.  .

the text file its listing is the one I'm trying to send... so I'm not sure why it says it cannot find the path specified...cause of course it wouldn't be there... I'm trying to put it there! :)
Under "RemotePath" click the "..." and try to set the path that way.  It will log on to the server and show you the folders.  Just picked the place you want to put it.
Roxanne25Author Commented:
hmm when I did that it didn't show me anything :/
May be no folders.  Use just a forward slash "/" in that field.
Roxanne25Author Commented:
Oh I get it!  



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