Is possible to connect a wireless router to another wireless router ?

I have DLINK ADSL2 wireless router using Internet in one room.
I have 4 computers working in another room. I can't put long cable between two rooms and I don't want to put 4 wireless cards on that computers because it's more network file sharing on that computers if using wireless cards, it must be slow down network drive. Is possible to connect a wireless router to another wireless router ? If yes, what's model wireless router supporting that function ? Thanks, Joe
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hi! there please read this article
I am mentioning the key facts that you should focus.

Installing a router to work as the second one on a home network requires  special configuration. Do the following on the second router to ensure  it (and the devices attached) function properly:
If connecting the second router wirelessly, ensure the second router is  set for client mode. Note that some home wireless routers do not support client mode; these must be connected  by cable. Check your  router documentation for details on its client mode configuration  support.

Read DD-WRT , Wireless Distribution System , Supported HW

Hope this was of some help to you !


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also disable DHCP on the second router
you must also change its default ip address so that it don't conflict with your primary router


get a wireless access piont

It also depends on the type of router.  I know with linksys routers, it's impossible to chain two of them (example would be a Linksys WRT54G) together.  There are special routers for this called Wireless Repeaters.

Sujith Nair is correct on a number of things, as it does require special configuration.  However, he is having you install DD-WRT, which is a 3rd party piece of firmware.  Sure, it comes with more settings, if you are inexperienced with doing that, you could "brick" your router (break it so that you won't be able to fix it), and most router companies do not cover the installation of 3rd party firmware on their hardware, so you won't get a replacement from them.

The easiest way to do it is just to purchase a wireless repeater.  However, if you DO want to go forward...what you're talking about is referred to as double NAT'ing.  

RouterA WAN port would get your public IP  address from your Cable Modem provider.  
RouterB WAN port would  be a private address from RouterA.  

The PC would also get a private  address.  The PC would NAT to the address of RouterB's WAN port, which  would then NAT to the IP Address of routerA's WAN port.  The  easist way to do this would be to simply connect RouterA and RouterB  together via a LAN port on each.  Change RouterB's LAN IP address to  something different than RouterA's LAN IP address, and disable DHCP on  RouterB.  The router will then simply be a switch.  

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Joe_LAIAuthor Commented:

I am using Linksys WAG120N Annex A as ADSL modem using the Internet. Now I have NETGEAR WGR614v9 wireless router. I saw this one to have Wireless Repeating Function in the admin page. I tried to setup but doesn't work.

This is the network setting in below:

Linksys WAG120N Annex A
Subnet Mask
Wireless MAC Address  00:1C:10:F9:EF:E1

Subnet Mask
Wireless MAC Address 00:24:B2:8C:73:96

I put NETGEAR MAC address to Linksys Wireless MAC Filter as Permit computers.
I put Linksys Wireless MAC Address to NETGEAR router under Wireless Repeating Function Page as Base station MAC address.

Unfortunately, NETGEAR Router Status shows Wireless Repeating  Link Rate and Signal Strength "disconnected".

Any wireless experts suggestion ? Thanks,Joe

Joe_LAIAuthor Commented:
On the other hand, I found out Linksys having 3 different MAC address including Modem MAC, Wireless MAC and LAN MAC.
Netgear is only one MAC address. (Actually, I tried that 3 MAC address. No good.)

Another setting related Wireless Security. ( I tried to use WEP or disable but still doesn't work.)  *When enable Wireless Repeater function, NETGEAR is only selection for disable or WEP.

Wireless Channel both is 9. (I tried to setup different channel or same another channel. not connected )

Unfortunately I'm lacking in the department of various routers.  I've got three Linksys routers, and all are the same model.  It *might* be something with going between both, But i'm not sure.

You could always try:
Linksys's Live Chat -

And (for some reason the google search for netgear's chat/contact info seems to be blocked here at work?  Something else to look into!), i'd look at your documentation for Netgear, and see if any of the techs there can tell you how to set it up.  Especially since the NetGear router advertises the capability to do what you need.

They'd be more knowledgable about this.

Hell, Linksys at home point just remoted into my router to do the job for me, when i called them.

Maybe netgear can do the same.
Joe_LAIAuthor Commented:
Is Linksys problem or Netgear problem ?
I'm not sure.  

However, you said that your Netgear has the capability to be a wireless repeater as an option on the admin page, so I would call them.

I know for a fact that none of the Linksys routers support this out of the box, at least according to what they told me.  I was advised by Linksys to purchase one of their wireless repeater stations (obviously, because they'd want the money).

Try calling NetGear first since theirs is the product with the advertised capabilities that you want.  Only one of these needs to be able to repeat, so if that's the case, they can get you set up regardless of what your other router is.
Joe_LAIAuthor Commented:
I bought another NETGEAR WGR614v9 and use two NETGEAR WGR614v9. It is working fine.
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