Can't extract excel file from resources folder

I am trying to extract an excel template that I have added to the resource folder of the project.  The code below (translated from portuguese) is designed to extract a file, in this case a template, and write it to a temp folder on the users machine.  However when I run the code, I can't find the file.  I understand most of the code and I think the problem isin
 Dim currentAssembly As Reflection.Assembly = Reflection.Assembly.GetEntryAssembly
 Assemblies are new to me so I'd like get some information on what they are.  I have a hazy notion of what they do but I need more information
Private Function GetResourceFile(ByVal fileName As String) As String


            'Create a name / temporary location for the file. By default it creates a
            ' file with extension *. tmp, and so you need to change the *. exe
            Dim tempPath As String = IO.Path.ChangeExtension(IO.Path.GetTempFileName(), ".xltx")

            ' Checks the application name (Assembly) 
            Dim currentAssembly As Reflection.Assembly = Reflection.Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly
            ' Verify 
            Dim arrResources As String() = currentAssembly.GetManifestResourceNames()

            For Each resource As String In arrResources

                'Check if the resource has the name of the file to extract
                If resource.Contains(fileName) Then

                    ' Reads the resources of the executable to a Stream
                    Using resourceStream As IO.Stream = currentAssembly.GetManifestResourceStream(resource)

                        'Creates a new FileStream that will write the final file
                        Using writer As New IO.FileStream(tempPath, IO.FileMode.Create, IO.FileAccess.Write)

                            Const size As Int16 = 4096
                            Dim bytes(size) As Byte
                            Dim numBytes As Int32 = 0

                            'Write all bytes of Stream created using
                            'The FileStream and the method Write () on a loop
                                numBytes = resourceStream.Read(bytes, 0, size)
                                writer.Write(bytes, 0, numBytes)

                            Loop While (numBytes > 0)

                        End Using ' writer

                    End Using ' resourceStream

                    ' Returns the file location
                    Return tempPath
                End If


            ' If you have not found the desired file
            Return String.Empty

        Catch ex As Exception
            Return String.Empty
        End Try

    End Function

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Juan VelasquezAsked:
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Juan VelasquezAuthor Commented:
I found the solution.  I changed the property of the excel file in the resource folder to Embedded Resource
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