Moving GroupWise 8 to Windows 2008 Server

I have a single Netware 6.5 Server and I need to Move Groupwise 8 to a Windows 2008 Server.  How would you recommend moving the Groupwise system over.  I want to remove Novell Netware from the system so all management needs to be done on the Windows 2008 Server as well
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Scott KunauSr. Consultant/Managing PartnerCommented:
It will take several steps:

1) Download and install eDirectory for Windows and put the server into your eDirectory tree that is currently maintained by your NetWare server.

2) Once step 1 is done and eDirectory looks healthy (run DSREPAIR from NetWare and check time and replica sync from the main menu), use ConsoleOne to promote the auto-placed Read/Write replica on the Windows server to Master.

3) Download and expand the GroupWise software onto the Windows server.  You'll need 8.0.1 in order to make it install and run.

4) Turn on DEP on the Windows server or the GW agent software won't install properly.

5) Copy all of your GW data over to two different directories on the Windows server (one for the domain dir and one for the PO directory).

6) Run the agent install and at the point where you add the domain and post office so that config files will be created properly (the .mta and .poa files) you will point to the two different directories from step 5.

7) Assuming everything copies fine in step 5 and the agents install properly in step 6, launch the agents and make sure they come up and you can log into GroupWise.  Assuming you can, shut the agents down and run the installs for both the GWIA and the WebAccess.  With WebAccess, you'll install for IIS (be sure it is installed and working on the Windows server).

Hope this helps..


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IslandsIT_Jersey_CIAuthor Commented:
As it is only for 5 Users can I recreate the entire tree and merge the groupwise system into it.  I have never used edirectory on the Windows so am unfamiliar with it.  Also what software is required to use edriectory.  I downloaded it and installed it but cannot find any software to administer Groupwise with it

Scott KunauSr. Consultant/Managing PartnerCommented:
You could recreate everything but that is harder.  Yes, you can merge the GW system into the new tree but you'll need to go through a schema extension first.

If you've downloaded the eDirectory for Windows, you'll install it and the included Novell client...that Novell client will likely be the wrong one as it is geared for Windows 2003 and WinXP.  So if you aren't required to install the client portion, don't.  As you go through the install, it will ask you to create a new tree or add to existing.  I'd suggest adding so it will capture the extended schema.

You'll administer GroupWise with ConsoleOne that comes with the GroupWise download.  Look in the ConsoleOne directory under the expanded directory.  You'll need the Novell client in order to install and run C1.  Once that C1 is installed and running, you can manually copy the GroupWise snapins from the expanded GW software download into the c:\novell\consoleone\1.2 directory.

IslandsIT_Jersey_CIAuthor Commented:
Hi Scott

I take it all the above instructions is for the server.  So if I download and install edirectory on the Win 2008 server, make sure it is on the same network as the Netware server and add it to the existing tree.  Then install the latest Novell client that supports win2008 then consoleone will work on the server.  once Consoleone is running and the edirectory is running I should be fine.
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