Polycom VSX Tandberg MXP problem

I have a Polycom VSX 8000 and a client we are trying to video conference with are having an issue.  We can both hear audio just fine G.711, and when it comes to video they can see me, but I can't see them.  I just see a blank screen on my Polycom VSX 8000.  

First thing that came to mind is firewall issues.  Making a couple day story short, I opened all ports to a spare public IP address that pointed to my Polycom VSX 8000 and I am still not able to see their video feed.  We have a FortiGate 310B and is H.323 compliant.  Any ideas?  I'm trying to make sure I am not missing anything here.  Thx!
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j0s3phConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks for the response.  The fix was to update the software from 9.0.5 to 9.0.6 as a result of incompatibility with a couple of the Tandberg Edge units with the 8.0 software.  
Try different video modes / qualities..  I bet you've got incompatible bitrates or codecs going on there.

Does it change when the call is initiated from the other side?  Also, you say you opened all your ports, but is there a firewall on the other side?  No errors on either side??  
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