MS Communicator 2007 webcam video conferencing Question

Hello, question on communicator. We have a internal OCS server and a edge server for the externals. Internal employees can use full functions of OCS but for the externals they only have IMs functions. We wish to use the video conferencing but sadly it will not work. For internal to internal it works just fine, but for internal - external or external - external. The video conferencing will not work. It seems that the ports that are configured for video is not passed on to the external clients. They are trying to connect to random ports, if possible please provide us some insight on this issue. Thanks
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jaycaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you run the OCS Edge Planning tool, it will walk you through the configuration and will also give you the exact port rules needed for this to function properly.

It will output information in tabs and the last tab is a custom build doc that you can use to walk through the entire configuration.
BusbarConnect With a Mentor Solutions ArchitectCommented:
how did you configured your edge FQDN and your external edge ports, can you post them please
mlhdAuthor Commented:
The FQDN are all the same From what we can see, it goes to the edge server to authenicate for IMs but after you try to A/V it will try to connect to the other client Directly without trying to go to the edge server at all. They will both use thier internal IPs. Even though we set the port for them to take they show no sign of even trying to go thru those ports.

BusbarConnect With a Mentor Solutions ArchitectCommented:
I can see the internal and External IP are in the same range, this might cause a network look, can you have a seperate range.
if not let us try it but I am not sure from it.
- configure the access edge to listen on port 5061 not 443
web conf. is ok.
access edge is ok.
now can you give me a peek to the FQDN used in the edge interfaces, I will need to know if you already configured and correctly configue the edge on the front end server.
the last thing, do you have a firewall between the edge and the Front End.
mlhdAuthor Commented:
Due to company policy i was not able to provide more info then was provided. So with that I can only work with what was given so in that terms. A solution was not provided so i will give partially credit.
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