putty for multiple users on one machine

We use putty for an old application. I know how to save the configuration from the registry and install it on another computer but we also use a citrix farm and one of the servers is configured so that anyone who logs into that server will get putty on their desktop with the proper configuration already there. I dont know how to set that, and I have a new server that replaced one of the servers that went bad. Putty is installed and the confuration is set under current user/software/"name" but that does not propagate to all users logging onto that server. does anyone know how this is done?
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You can do a couple of options.  Normally if you run the regedit /s through a login script this will allow the registry file to execute properly.  Do you have registry enabled for silent running through a batch script, or did you disable the registry all together?

If you don't want to open the registry, import the default user hive (ntuser.dat from the default user proflie on the server) and make the required changes.  Whenever a user logs in with a brand new profile on the server, they will get those keys.
elratanegraAuthor Commented:
I attempted to give them the putty.reg file but the users do not have permission to merge and i dont want to open that up.
elratanegraAuthor Commented:
i have put it in the login script to run silently. i had hoped that there was a place in the registry where i could place the configs and propate to all users. The issue being is that we use just the one login script for all users which means people who do not use the citrix system usually will get the reg file. this is of no matter but i just wanted to be cleaner about it.
as for the ntuser.dat file, i need a test environment in order to play around with that as I've never messed with those files before.
I am looking to do the same thing but want to inport the .reg from a login.bat how would i go about doing this i am trying to import from a network drive
 please post example of command line
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