How can I automatically unmute my computer in the morning?

I would like to set up my computer to wake me up in the morning.  I need a scheduled task that will unmute the speakers (if they are muted) before my alarm goes off.  Does anyone have a solution that I can implement for this?

I found a program that will toggle the mute feature of the speakers but it doesn't check if they are muted or unmutted before (,15480-order,1/description.html).
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the above program you specified notonly supports toggling of speakers but also to mute or unmute.
all you have to do is to use it in command line: "mute.exe on" always mutes speakers, "mute.exe off" always unmutes speakers.

so for you requirement save the mute.exe file in C drive.
open notepad. type "c:\mute.exe off" and save it as "script.bat"
and use this script with any task scheduler to always unmute your speakers.

You could use nircmd and set it to run as a scheduled task.

nircmd.exe mutesysvolume 0
The Freeware Software is available here

Agreat how to guide with screen pics here:

In the example they open the cd drive, but you'd just substitute cdrom open e: with mutesysvolume 0
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