How to add another route on cisco 4503


i got 10 VLANs on a catalyst 4503, which works perfectly. There is a default route ( which routes everything to the internet, is an ASA 5510. Recently i added a VLAN for test purposes, VLAN 100, with ip address, and i assigned it to gige port 5.

I also have a broadband "dlink router" which has ip address The setup is as follows.

on catalyst 4505, on port 5 an ethernet cable cascades to an hp 2626 switch (unmanaged mode), onto the hp 2626 i plugged in my broadband router.

For every desktop on VLAN 100, i am using the following:

ip addr:

using the above configuration on each desktop, i can ping other vlans (all gateeways and nodes), browse files etccc, but no internet access.. It seems to route through the default route.

If ever i change the default gateway on any desktop, put it to, i can have internet access, i can ping only other vlans, for eg:

i can ping which is the ip of vlan 11, i cannot ping which is a desktop..

Is there a way to add another route for VLAN 100  to go through for internet? And at the same time use default gateway on desktops so as to be able to browse files on other nodes on other vlans.. I dont want to go through the ASA

Attached my conf file..
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Jody LemoineConnect With a Mentor Network ArchitectCommented:
If your D-Link router can support static routes, you can configure your desktops to use as the default gateway and configure the D-Link with a static route covering your private networks.  Assuming all of your internal VLANs use a subset of, you can just add a route on the D-Link for with a gateway of  This will redirect all LAN traffic that hits the D-Link back to the Catalyst 4503.
Jody LemoineNetwork ArchitectCommented:
If your D-Link *can't* do static routing, you may be able to do something with the 4503 and policy routing, but it depends on what supervisor module you have installed.
your default gateway has to be in the same subnet range. confirm you don't have all the devices with the same ip address,
kavishnAuthor Commented:

I managed to do it with a juniper netscreen ns25, works fine..
Jody LemoineNetwork ArchitectCommented:
So you replaced the D-Link with the Juniper and added the static route back to the 4503?
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