Sometimes the new blackberries get Red X on sending, old do not

The old blackberry curves work just fine.  New curves and tours sometimes, but not always, get a red x went sending.  I checked Send As permissions and they are fine.  

A battery pull will always fix the issue.  Thinking that this was a memory issue, I enable memory cleaning and set the Calendar to store 30 instead of 60 days.  The problem hasn't gone away.  

I'm think of upgrading the firmware on each, wiping, and then reactivating, but that seems a bit much.

Any other ideas?
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Steve_RogersAuthor Commented:
The Send As permission looks to be set correctly.  Email sometimes goes out.

They are not members of a protected group.


Sometimes the device itself is the problem.  Can't exactly pin point the problem, but replacing the device fixed the issue for the user.

For your case, try wiping the device, delete BES account, then re-add and EA as new....  if it works but slowly run into same problem then I say it's the device.

Good luck
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Iain MacMillanIT Regional Manager - UKCommented:
can also be firmware related, and/or issues with getting its data APN on the carrier, won't be the first time i have had escalate connection issues to the carrier.  seems to happen if they travel a lot, and lose data connection from time to time.  If the device has no memory/resources free, this can also be a cause, but you would see this in the Status screen.

wiping handset and rebuilding only works sometimes, rest of the time its down to the carrier (or new handset), but keep an eye on your BES server and services - windows patches can sometimes require the system to reboot, same with Exchange updates.

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Steve_RogersAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions.  I'll start trying them and update the status of this question.

Steve_RogersAuthor Commented:
"seems to happen if they travel a lot, and lose data connection from time to time"
-turns out that was what was happening.
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