Contents of cells not updating in DataGridView (Windows.Forms: VS2008)

After my data is populated in the DataGrid on my windows form, I am trying to format 2 columns (first column to have commas; second column to be currency) via code.  

The problem is the grid will not reflect the changes unless I take the mouse and manually click on a column in the grid.

How can I refresh the data programmatically to reflect my formats?
With objDataGrid
            Dim cellNumFormat As DataGridViewCell = New DataGridViewTextBoxCell
            Dim cellCurrFormat As DataGridViewCell = New DataGridViewTextBoxCell
	    Dim ds As New Data.DataSet
            .DataSource = ds
            .DataMember = "Table"

	    '***sort the data...
            .Sort(.Columns(0), System.ComponentModel.ListSortDirection.Ascending)

	    '****make a column invisible...
            .Columns(0).Visible = False   'Do not show "Line#" column.

	    '*** apply the "currency" and "number" formats to 2 columns...
            cellNumFormat.Style.Format = "n"
            .Columns(6).CellTemplate = cellNumFormat
            cellCurrFormat.Style.Format = "c"
            .Columns(7).CellTemplate = cellCurrFormat

	    '***Try to refresh the grid...
End With

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Try objDataGrid.invalidate

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Try2BeBetterAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much.  Almost there...

I placed in the code and it still does not format the first time.  But if I process another number for the grid to process, the formatting appears in the columns.

Any ideas?
Can I assume that you are unable to define the columns during design time?
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Try2BeBetterAuthor Commented:
Exactly.  The column information is populated when I populate the dataset from our mainframe.  The data grid sets up the columns when I assign it to the "datasource" property.

Why do you ask?  What were you thinking?
If you could set it at design time, this would all be unnecessary.  
When you are referencing columns by their index, it would seem like you have a static data structure and would be able to do this at design time.  Otherwise, how do you know that columns(6) should be number format?

Try2BeBetterAuthor Commented:
The problem was I was trying to configure the DataGridView control during the form's .Show() method.  I was not allowing the DataGridView control to fully render at the form's opening.

The method worked.  But also needed is the following:  Form.Refresh(); Application.DoEvents(); DataGridView.RefreshEdit()
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