SQL 2005, DB with collation in "spanish"


I ´ve a server with windows server 2008 on english. It has SQL 2005 on spanish.

I need a DB with collation in "spanish" but I cannot select that.

How I can to resolve that?

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cyberkiwiConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You have this error because the server default collation is not valid or SQL Server master catalog has become damaged.
In the

New Database wizard, go to Options page (choose from top left)
On the right side at the top, set Collation to modern_spanish or something - don't leave as "<server default>"

If that still doesn't work, run the query directly

CREATE DATABASE mydb COLLATE modern_spanish_ci_as

Let use know if you still have an issue.
Hi there,

Have a look under Traditional_Spanish*
Or Modern_Spanish* in the collation dropdown
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Raja Jegan RSQL Server DBA & ArchitectCommented:
You have this many collations related to Spanish and choose any one of them in the dropdown while installing SQL Server or change it using ALTER DATABASE statement like

ALTER DATABASE ur_db_name COLLATE ur_collation_name
javiermorquechoAuthor Commented:
OK. Making the ALTER TABLE exist the posibility to get a DB with some type of demage?
javiermorquechoAuthor Commented:
My SQL error is:

Raja Jegan RSQL Server DBA & ArchitectCommented:
Try setting / resetting collation of your master database and then try this.
And is there by any chance that you are at SP2 of your SQL Server 2005 and apply SP3 and check out..
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