Exchange 2007 & SBS 2008 not working after dcpromo

ML330 G6; 6GB; 3 disk RAID 5; Backup Drive
SBS 2008 Standard

AD was hosed BIG TIME after HP had my client move his disk array from one machine to another.  Couldn't do a SysState restore as it couldnt authenticate with the backup operator account.  Sooooo I removed CA and demoted the box.  Promoted the box again with a different domain name so other computers didnt get go crazy.  Basic AD functionality is there (logon, DNS, DHCP, etc) but Exchange is not functioning correctly.

The exchange tabs are not showing up in the schema under AD Users, going to Exchange everything is blank.  Attempted to rerun ADPREP /forestprep and /domainprep but the tool stated that it had already been run and wasn't needed.

If it weren't SBS I would reinstall exchange but am not sure that can be done with SBS.???

The data stores are still sitting there ready to be connect too, the client has a backup of the exchange boxes.

What now???

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what i think has happened here is the fact you have used a different domain name. and exchange wont mount data stores under a different name and until this matches what you had before it will not mount.

You have to get into the realms of adsiedit and editing the configs, I have done this on a few occasions but this is what i beleive the problem to be. what can help is if your trying to mount the store a few log entried would help the diagnosis.

Indy_AdminAuthor Commented:
If I change the domain name back to the original name will that help my cause?
Indy_AdminAuthor Commented:
Also, I cannot get to the point where I can mount the store to get the logs.  Everything in Exchange is gone.  When I attempt to go to the console and set it up it states that there are no Exchange organizations in the domain.

Also, exchange wont let me uninstall or reinstall.
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looking at this in depth you have a real problem on your hands. I dont think your going to be able to cleanly get it working with SBS, I would rebuild a DC and try to replicate exactly what you had. there are SO MANY factors to sort out by trying to mount what i think is a exchange 2007 store from a Server standard envionrment and bring it all together in SBS under a different domain.

I think this is probably a really in depth issue that you will need an exchange guru to work with you and whilst I can assist you I am on GMT and i dont want to leave you in the lurch by suggesting things and then going to bed. So I will monitor the question but respectfully allow another GURU to look at spending a good deal of time with you on this.

Kind Regards

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Indy_AdminAuthor Commented:
Right now the plan is to take an extra hour in the morning, demote and promote to the old domain name.  My sincere assumption is that this will not work.  After that it is format and reinstall SBS.  Hopefully the backup drive has been working and I can recover the mailboxes into a recovery group.

I will post as I dive in deeper.
Indy_AdminAuthor Commented:
Ended up reinstalling SBS.  Schema was hosed, AD was hosed and my patience was hosed.

Only problem now is restoring data to exchange boxes to a different organization.  Client wanted to rename his domain so it is a complete different forest / organization.

Trying not to spend $500 on EDB to PST recovery software.
Indy_AdminAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the assist!
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