Microsoft Outlook & Global address book & Active DIrectory

Is there a way in Outlook to create a "second" Global Address List and call it Student Address List.  The emails are not using Outlook.  Can we Import all the student email addresses automatically, sorted by last name.  Then update this list automatically from AD?
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SupportonthespotConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is of my understanding that you may create a secondary GAL but this is purely for replication and backup. Creating another GAL that has different internal recipients would not work. How about creating a PUBLIC CONTACTS list and then using this as a shared address list but you would have to change the "Show Names From" field manually each time or set it to the default.

Unless somebody corrects me that you cannot use a public contacts list?

But as for AD Integrated Im very sure this cannot be done and I wouldnt play with it either (Speaking from grave experience over the past 14 years of my career)
sd735Author Commented:
Both solutions are painful I'm sorry to say.  I thought there would be a quicker method... even if it was not automatic from Active Directory.
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