PHP Toolkit for PayPal v0.51 ipn

Hi I am using a script available online called PHP Toolkit for PayPal v0.51

I have used it on a test site i am making, but I need to get something working that I have realsed I need.

It has a ipn folder that has a ipn_success.php file which says:

{see attached code}

What I need it to do is change the database table for that order to say "Yes" if the payment has gone through.

I assume its done there, as the comment says:
//log successful transaction to file or database

I need to know how to get this working, and how is the order sent back to the site, with a order id? or something else?

I really would like to get this working.

Thanks for any help you can provide.
I wish I could give you 1000 points to get this working as soon as possible

//include file - not accessible directly
//log successful transaction to file or database

	die('This page is not directly accessible');

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cataleptic_stateAuthor Commented:
The order response file example they give is attached

How can I get this to print out on a page or add update to database?


     if (!strcmp(getenv("REQUEST_METHOD"),"POST")){

        $path=""; #set your logfile directory path here



        fwrite($FILE,"OrderID - $oid\n");

        fwrite($FILE,"Transaction Status - $transactionstatus\n");

        fwrite($FILE,"Total - $total\n");

        fwrite($FILE,"ClientID - $clientid\n");

        fwrite($FILE,"Transaction Time Stamp - $datetime\n");

        fwrite($FILE,"ECI Status - $ecistatus\n");

        fwrite($FILE,"Card Prefix - $cardprefix \n");



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Ray PaseurCommented:
I'd suggest that you should hire a PayPal developer to help with this.  It is not a single issue or a simple issue, and there are penalties for making mistakes with money - some of these involve handcuffs.  Better safe than sorry.

I can help with one critical part of the process.  When you are trying to debug any asynchronous script like the PayPal IPN, you have no browser output and that makes it difficult to visualize your data.  What I like to do is capture the output buffer and mail it to myself.  See the code example for how this is done.

best regards, ~Ray

<?php // RAY_ob_start_example.php

echo "Hello World";

$x = $y;

$buffer = ob_get_clean();
mail('', 'OUTPUT BUFFER', $buffer);

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Ray PaseurCommented:
So what was the solution?
cataleptic_stateAuthor Commented:
I had to hire someone to make it work, its still not working 100%
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