is there a way to check if pecl is installed

I am trying to execute some perl from within a php file. Is there a way to check if it is installed on my server? I have looked at the phpinfo.php file that i place on my server and it says

PECL Module version       (bundled) 1.0.1 $Id: pdo_sqlite.c,v 2007/12/31 07:20:10 sebastian Exp $

does that mean I should be able to do it, when i try to run a basic script it as below it errors and says
 Fatal error: Class 'Perl' not found in /home/content/31/5093631/html/perltest.php  on line 4    
the first hello works but the "bye" does not.

any suggestions?

thank you

print "Hello from PHP! ";
$perl = new Perl();
$perl->eval('print "Hello from perl! "');
print "Bye! ";


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It seems as if you're missing the Perl extension.

This article should help:
jaxbrianAuthor Commented:
I am on a shared host. are there any options for me to have those files local in my root directory?
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I doubt it. Your best chance is to have support install it for you globally. In some specific configurations that theoretically might be possible, at least according to this thread:

But even if it works, it's so specific, that on most hosts that's not applicable.

Why do you need Perl in PHP? Maybe there's some other way to do it?
jaxbrianAuthor Commented:
I am trying to run a perl script that generates a keyword cloud in my php/html pages. do you have any suggestions? there are 2 .pl files and a .pm file that are associated with the cloud.

thanks for taking the time to look at my posts

Depending on your host configuration it might be possible to execute your Perl script using PHP's exec() function. Assuming that there's some parsable output from your Perl script. This may require some rewrites, input/output changes, but should be doable if you are able to call Perl interpreter this way.

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You can use this script to check whether it is installed (doesn't look like it)

If you don't have perl on board, you can still communicate with the perl interpreter through PHP by putting a copy of or perl58.dll  somewhere PHP can find it (in the PHP directory or in your system path).
jaxbrianAuthor Commented:
that is probably a bit beyond my ability, I am going to put in an email to my hosting company and see if they will add the perl extensions to the server. they may do it, they may not. when I find out I will post another topic on here. so, check back later or tomorrow for a topic called "is there another way to get perl to work with php"
thank you for your help,

jaxbrianAuthor Commented:
jaxbrianAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your time and effort with this
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