How to turn off Database Enhancement in Microsoft Access 2007

We set up new workstations and created shortcuts to our databases.
When clicked Access 2007 opens but gives the Database Enhancement option to convert the database.
Some of our workstations still have Office 2003 so we do not want the database enhanced.
Database Enhancement
This database was created using a previous version of Microsoft Office Access.
In order to enable recent enhancements and provide you with the best experience possible, Access will upgrade
your database.  Once completed, you will not be able to open this database with earlier version of Access.
Proceed with enhancement? (Recommended)

If you choose No(Not Recommended):
*The database will not be upgraded and some enhancements will be unavailable.
*You can open the database, view objects and modify records using this release of
Access, but design changes will be disabled.
*To make design changes you must use an earlier version of Access that supports the
old database format.

The databases are Access 97 format.
We don't need to make changes to the format and would prefer not to have to select No each time the database is opened.
Can the Database Enhancement option be turned off?
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Hi there

I really can't think of an option that enables you to disable (wordplay intended) this prompt, but I can think of a workaround. This is nothing other than creating an actual 2007 database for your 2007 clients and just link the tables of the 97 database to it.
This way, you get a "frontend" by Access 2007, but all the actual structure and data is still in the 97 mdb file.
I'll take a look though to see if there's any option to disable the prompt.

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Richard DanekeTrainerCommented:
I can't find an opton.  I did find a note that if you are using a front end/back end pairing - the front end can be converted to different versions for different workstations and will still work with the older version back end.   This would stop the box from opening.
In case you want to do what I proposed and you need help, check out the following page. Instructions for linking is at the bottom:
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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
i don't think you can turn off that feature,
a2007 will always do that for A97 mdb.

if you select Yes from the message,
A2007 will create a COPY and will open the created copy and Close the A97 mdb
sgt_bestAuthor Commented:
"if you select Yes from the message,
A2007 will create a COPY and will open the created copy and Close the A97 mdb"

The database is on a server (win 2003).  Is that where the "copy" will be created?  Will other users be opening the same database?
Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
if i am not mistaken you will have the option to select where to save and give name to the created copy..

you can try this ( if you are doubtfull of the result ), create a copy of the A97 mdb and open it in A2007, proceed by selecting Yes from the message prompt..
If you create a copy, then the 2007 users will work on the copied, hence separate data. I don't believe that it is what you need.
Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
who is going to work on the copied db?
sgt_bestAuthor Commented:
Apparently, Microsoft wants everyone who uses any Access database that is not 2007 to be responsible for upgrading it too.  It only takes one user to say "yes" to the conversion hose it all up for the 2003 an below users.  I'm accepting the fastest response.  Thank you.
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