WCF template is missing from VS2005

I need to create a WCF project under VB in VS2005 but the WCF template is not there... not there under C# either...

I already tried running a VS Command prompt command "devenv /installvstemplates" but no change. I also tried re-installing VS2005 SP1 but still no change. How can I get this template in VS2005?
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If you have the WCF option have you tried switching framework?
You can also visit the following
Visual Studio 2005 extensions for .NET Framework 3.0 (Windows Workflow Foundation)
michouisAuthor Commented:
Yes, i installed the WWF extensions, great. But thats not what i need. I need the WCF template.
My VS2005 is targeting .Net Framework 2.0. How can I change it to .Net Framework 3.0. I have installed the .Net Framework 3.0 but VS2005 always shows it uses version 2.0. I tried going into the project properties under the compile options but there is no place to change the target framework version there, at the project level, either. On the web people explain this can be done but they always refer to VS2008.
I am only asking this in the hopes that perhaps if I target version 3.0 in VS2005 the WCF template may suddenly appear.
Looks like I mentioned the wrong Extension .... It has been a long time since I used 2005 but there use to be an extension for WCF but it was removed. Looks like they want you to upgrade to VS2008/2010.
Just a hunch but it might be possible to reference 3.0 dll's and create WCF from scratch instead of using the provided template... I can upload the template that is created in VS2008 for you and see if that can help you get running.
The following is the only template option available when targeting 3.0 and it uses the following references from 3.0.

In November 2006 Microsoft released a CTP version of the VS 2005 Extensions for .NET Framework 3.0 (WPF & WCF).  We released this CTP as a stop gap to provide developers the needed (albeit very limited) set tools to start developing for the .NET Framework 3.0.  This was never intended to release as a complete product and was only intended as a stop gap until Visual Studio 2008, codenamed Orcas was released.
Since then Visual Studio 2008 has released and SP1 is on the way.  With VS 2008 you have a set of tools designed entirely to take advantages of the functionality introduced with WCF & WPF.  Users who have been developing using the CTP extensions should have already migrated their projects to VS 2008 to take advtange of the new functionality which is far better than what we were able to deliver in the CTP.
On Monday, June 30th 2008, the license for this CTP will expire.  The download will be removed from the MS Download center. At that point any existing users should work on migrating their projects to VS 2008 to take advantage of the fully supported WPF & WCF support.

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michouisAuthor Commented:
Hmmm, I figured go right to VS2010 since it is available.... I downloaded and installed VS2010 only to find that it does not support Windows Mobile 6 development, only Phone 7 which is not even released yet. What? Why? Any ways, I guess I will now download and install VS2008 and try again.... will let you know.

Why does VS2010 NOT support Windows Mobile 6? Will it only supprt Phone 7 which will only run on a Microsoft phone hardware platform? I am a little confused. Mobile 6.0 is being thrown away?
michouisAuthor Commented:
Wish some one could have answered my last question... but thats ok.
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