Windows 7 64 Bit offline folder synchronization


I want to perform offline folder syncrhoization with a hidden network share. I also want to be a ble to specify the local folders where the data will remain rahter than the default location.

Can I specifcy the location If so how?

How do I also configure a two-way file synchonization.

I also would like to synchronization a folder but not all folders within it. Can this also be done?

for instance, I do not want to synchronize the sub folder "My Virtual Machines". I also would like to avoid synchronizng files with a specific extension (e.g. .vmdk)

How does one schedule the times of the synchonization?

I am quite new at this. When doing a google search, I find at least of these features are supported and they can indeed be done, but no clear instructions as to "how".


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mark1208Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Mark,

I can think of 3 ways to do offline folder synchronization:
1) Briefcase
2) Sync Center (linked instructions here are for Vista, but are essentially the same in Win7)
3) SyncToy

For what you're trying to accomplish, especially with scheduling and file type exclusions, I'd recommend SyncToy. It's super-easy to use and lives in the system tray/notification area for easy reference.

Sync Center is a close second for ease of use, though it's an all-or-nothing approach with respect to network file shares ... no way to exclude file types that I'm aware of.

Briefcase is basically a carryover from WinXP and is good for manually 'pushing' data between computers rather than 'pulling' or synchronizing.

Want to take a look at the options above and let me/us know if you need a hand setting up one in particular?

Hope this helps!  :)
-Other Mark
mbudmanAuthor Commented:
Hi OtherMark,

Thanks for the heads up. The information you posted is extremely useful.

I have a third party program that does everything listed called Smart Sync Pro. I would like to replace it with something similar that is already built in to Windows 7.


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