Not seeing pages 2-n in Print Preview of my Dojo/JS page

What sort of domNode settings might cause the browser's Print Preview to show that there are multiple page to be printed, but no content is shown in pages 2-n.

I have been experimenting with various settings for height, overflow, and position.
height:100%; (changed to auto)
overflow:hidden; (changed to visible)
position:absolute; (changed to static)

My initial problem was that only one page was being recognized. Now I can see that it know there should be many pages, but only content for the first one.

This is not a question about printing many different/separate pages (found lots of help on that). And this is a Dojo application that has one index.html and the entire app is launched from there, so there are not any traditional html pages. All "pages" are Dojo/JS objects.

Sorry for the lack of real details, but not sure what exactly to include. Mostly just want to know if there is some style setting that may cause the rest of the pages to not show content in print preview, just like absolute position only show one page in print preview.

See attached HTML file, download and open in browser, and do Print Preview and see what I am talking about.
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I have no problem seeing 2 pages in "print preview" in IE 8. However, Firefox only shows 1 page. It's well known bug of Firefox - its inability to properly translate absolute coordinates to page coordinates. If you set zoom in "print preview" to 20% then you can see all your content on first page.

So, either use IE 8 or switch to relative positioning. There was many discussion in the Internet regarding this issue with no reliable solution.
You can use relative positioning to achieve same positioning with margins, paddings, etc. Use @media = print style sheet for printing.
Personally, I'd use table with fixed height cells. It may be not really fancy but it never failed me
I hope you have applied so many CLASSes to div.

The class may have @media print kind of styles.. (Printer oriented - printable)

Please check.
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