How to create a hidden button in Joomla! 1.5

I have a website I designed in Joomla 1.5 and the client wants a direct link to the Joomla registration form, hidden from ordinary visitors but available to his employees so they can register, a simple link to the registration form would do.
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Hey Webman04.

I've had some experience with Joomla! but I'm no expert, so this might sound silly and if it does I apologize.
You could create the login page, put a button on the site for it, click the button to see where it leads, copy the address of the page, then remove the button from the website. You should en up with a working link to the page, without any links to it on the website itself. Hope this helps.


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Amanda WatsonWeb DeveloperCommented:
Another option could be to create the form in joomla make that form a REGISTERED menu item.

Therefore the link to this form requires users to login to register.

You can then use the default user login module to have users login.

If you want to assign usernames an passwords just disabled the registering option and use the user manager to manage users.

Otherwise you could simply supply all the people you want to access this page with a URL that is not linked within the site anywhere so you need the direct URL link to access it if you don't want to register the form?

Does that help at all?
Also, if you have the absolute necessity to add a "Hidden Button", an easy way would be to add a button sized piece of flash that is the same color as the background you are putting it on.
Users with adblockers and certain addons for their browsers might notice this though. Following snowball77's advice of creating the register page after being logged in is the most secure idea, unless you actually want a hidden button to register them with in the first place.
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Webman04Author Commented:
Yes, I need a button to register them, if they loged in they how did they register?  See they have to register on the link that is not shown on the site.  Noone else will be able to register.  They will not be members already.
So either follow my advice on my first post (by giving them a link to the login, say via email or a messenger application) or at my second (by creating an "invisible" flash object and adding the link to it's "on-click" property or simply making it a link.)
Please let us know if you need advice on how to do either of those, and also let us know if you succeeded.
All of the best mate.
Amanda WatsonWeb DeveloperCommented:
Ok, so you want anyone to be able to register?

Basically when someone registers, the site administrator will be told someone has registered and you can then disable or enabled the user.

I am not entirely clear of the steps you need here but the bottom line is you have a user login module for the front end and a user manager in the backend and this can control the pages registered and unregistered users can see
Check out JRPassPhrase

when installed users have to have a pass phrase to be able to register.

However I'd suggest when it is employees, that user accounts be generated from say payroll system and imported into joomla (simple csv file will do). This way the company also makes sure all employees are registered.
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