change arrow cursor to hand cursor on movie object

i have an object that i converted into a movie symbol. the reason is because i need to load image into it. but now what i want to do is to make it so that when i mouse over that movie sybmol it turns into a hand instead of an arrow. I tried useHandCursor = true but it doesn't work. please help
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You normally do this in AS3...
   mc.buttonMode = true;
   mc.useHandCursor = true;

If you are loading image into it, you might need to assign those commands after the image is fully loaded...

StewSupportAuthor Commented:
still doesn't work
Do a quick test...

Create a new FLA...
Draw a box and convert it to a movieClip...
Give it an instance name of 'mc' in the Property Panel...
Paste those two lines into the frame 1 of the new layer...
Test Movie...

Are you using AS2 or AS3???  Can you post a simplified version of script that you can show me what's going on with the image loading stuff???

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StewSupportAuthor Commented:
here is the fla file thank you
I don't see you calling that function anywhere...  What if you add it right in this block???

thumb1.visible =true;
thumb1.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, imageToScreen1);
thumbLoader = new Loader;
thumbLoader.load(new URLRequest(imgData.image[imgThumbNum + 1].thumb));
thumb1.buttonMode = true;
thumb1.useHandCursor  = true;

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StewSupportAuthor Commented:
lol sorry bro. i had it there but when it didnt work i moved on to the click function and took that out. ur answer work thanks a million
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