Finding ID and password of a WiFi connection I used last month


I stayed at someone's house last month and she needs to know the password of her WiFi connection.

It must be in my pc ( XP Pro SP3) but as the connection is no longer in range it doesn't show in the list of available connections.
It must be listed somewere tho.

How can I access it to confirm its ID?
Is it possible to obtain the password?

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WirelessKeyView: Recover lost WEP/WPA key/password stored by ...


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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Or a more pragmatic solution - it's probably printed on a label on the base of her router.
Why don't you simply reset the router and set it up again. It should take all of 5 minutes.
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memyselfiAuthor Commented:
"Why don't you simply reset the router and set it up again. It should  take all of 5 minutes."

I'm not there any more.

I recall I had to log on to router as admin with a cable tochange the password and maybe I changed the ID, too ( this was 4 months ago so can't recall exactly)
Was thinking if i could just tell her what they are she could log on and be happy.
Otherwise she'll have to get a cable of het own.

By cable you probably mean "ethernet patch cord" which she already has i.e. the cord connecting the modem to the wireless router. If you changed the default admin password and it's different from the wifi password youre kind of out of luck (if the nirsoft tool can't get you the password).
Scott ThomsonCommented:
network cables are not hard to find nowadays in fact she would have gotten 1 with the router (standard equipment)

unless you can access her router remotely
it would be for example (made up ip) 

so http address with her ip either static or dynamic and then :8080 which is the standard remote connection port on routers

memyselfiAuthor Commented:
The Nirsoft tool looks useful. How can I know it's not  a trojan?
It's not (assuming you download it from their website). Your security software will most definitely flag it. My recommendation: Download the zip file, disable your security software, unzip, run the program, export list to a text file. Delete the program folder and re-enable your security software.

CAin and abel

There is a function to list all the keys and WIFI related info.

I forgot where it is on the program.  And do not have it installed. Buy it is there

When you open the program you should have a menu showing. If not look under the "decoder" tab.
Select wireless Password and then click on the Blue + symbol on the top menu.
Also check the Protected storage and the other options under the wireless passwords menu.

Select then click the blue +
One more thing ..   Cain and Abel is not a Virus or other malware.  Tell your virus detection software to calm down if it tells you different.  No one here would direct you to a virus. 

Nirsoft is a very reputable coder/contributer to the Online community. He puts out TONS of apps as freeware. In my personal listing of favorite utilities, it ranks up there as a close second to Sysinternals.....

Feel free to simply download it, and right click>Scan with <Insert AV Name Here>......
memyselfiAuthor Commented:
johnb6767: Have not installed wirelesskeyview yet as need to leave, but it looks very useful.

selvol: Thx also for heads up to cain & abel. i just luv utilities
memyselfiAuthor Commented:
I am surprised how that's it's possible to extract passwords and usernames and wireless keys. Could anyone with access to my computer get full access?
Can you tell us what worked for you.  It might help future askers.  

Some people with out access to your computer can get what they want from you computer.
Never trust a computer.................................

Encrypt the Hard Drive using True Crypt or Bitlocker. I think a bigger security risk is someone capturing and analyzing packets on your wireless network.
"Could anyone with access to my computer get full access?"

Trust No one Mulder....
I use WDE from PGP.   With a near full Ascii Range Password @ 40 - 60 Characters long.   
PGP and others claim  it would only to 10 times longer then the earth is old.  Or in the tens of Billions of years to crack.
You enter the Password 1 time at start up.  

Downside is . Hard to save a corrupt drive.    

Oh I will mention PGP will not Protect against what was mentioned above.  Packet capture is more likely.    
Just don't put the map to the evidence on the computer.

Trust EE  most of the time.

memyselfiAuthor Commented:
How can I avoid packet capture?

I use Eset SmartSecurity following an original recommendation by the Minasi newsletter, and am happy with it particuarly as it got me away from Norton.
How well is it regarded?

There's often lots of activity on my disk no obviously related to what I'm doing in foreground.
How can I tell from process list if there's anything I'd prefer not to have running?

I have raised this as a new question >>
That a third question.   You'll need to ask or research for the answer..


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