Need a commercial website built, but where do I start??

This site will have board games and will be a pay site.  For instance if i wanted to have the game checkers built into the site and wanted to have a place where people could chat to one another, would i just hire someone to create the board and the chat room from scratch?  What language would something like this best be programmed in and why?  Any idea of the degree of difficulty involved in having contactors build such a site?  And finally, in terms of people being able to use their credit card to pay, how would i go about that?  Thank you.
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No it wouldn't make sense to pay someone to do all this -- they would be just reinventing the wheel and charging you a lot of money you shouldn't have to pay. There are dozens of free BBS - chat room programs out there, for example PHP BBS, in fact there are so many, you should just google for BBS chat room software, read the descriptions, and pick the best available -- they are (almost) all free for the taking.

It is a similar situation for checkers (I presume you mean the game) -- you should search for free apps written for the web with searches like -- ttp://

You may eventually have to pay someone to integrate them for you, but at least you are not paying that person $1000 s for recreating the apps that are already written and available for free !!
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