WordPad won't open a wordpad document. Why?

I received a .doc and it shows as a wordpad document.
My wordpad won't open it. I get an error:
unable to load the graphics controller filters.......do you want to continue with the document conversion?

choices are yes, no, X = close and all of those choices make it hard to exit the error message.
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basbasbasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It seems like your file is not a WordPad document but a Word document! Wordpad is able (most of the times) to load the plain text, but is unable to load the graphics ...
By the way, you can open the document with Microsoft Word bij right-clicking on your file and choos 'Open With'. Then select Word in the list of progams or browse to the 'word.exe' executable.
nickg5Author Commented:
ok I don't have Word on my system. I do now though, just installed it. The document received was WordPad though.
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