mysqldump with mysql query browser

I need to dump data of specifc tables in a database so I can insert/resore it to a DIFFERENT database (different DB  name too)

I can't seem to figure out how to do this.  (And for some reson I CAN'T access the mysql via a command prompt.)

Need a sample query... Thanks.
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To dump 1 or several databases

mysqldump --user=XXXXXXXX --password=XXXXXXX --databases DB_NAME1 DB_NAME2 DB_NAME3 > /PATH/TO/DUMPFILE.SQL
PhotoMan2000Author Commented:
Where in the query too would I do that? in a Script Tab or a Query Tab?

Login to your server using Putty by ssh or telnet and run this query on command shell directly...

Try this for a specific table

mysqldump -c -u username -ppassword databasename tablename > /tmp/databasename.tablename.sql
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PhotoMan2000Author Commented:
ALL:   This local computer only.  need info on the admin too.. NO COMMAND LINE STUFF PLEASE.


(Unless you give me a way to restore my command prompt - ie get some sort of error and then the dos prompt close, and I can't read what it exactly says.)
you have to see where your MySQL is installed then go to mysql Follder/bin...You should see mysqldumo there...Just go there and run this commad
PhotoMan2000Author Commented:
I can't get a prompt to stay open!  SO I MUST do this via the MySQL Query Browser that comes with the Windows install.

phpmyadmin is a great tool to do what you are looking for
You could try the free trial of Navicat (

After setting up both database connections, right-click on the source database and click 'Data Transfer'. You could then specify the target server and database and Navicat will transfer all of your tables across automatically.

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PhotoMan2000Author Commented:
This actually will do what I need - grabbed the "lite" version and used the XML import / export feature.  Nice product for anyone who is reading this in the future.
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