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The screen saver lock on my server 2003 is not working. Does anyone know of a free app that can lock a server automatically?

I can't believe I am asking this question.....
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patilsudarshanConnect With a Mentor Commented:

You can edit local group policy and enable "Password protect the screen saver"

Follow the steps:
Start > Run > gpedit.msc >  Local Compuet Policy > Computer Configuration > User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Control Panel > Display > Password protect the screen saver (Enable)

After that just run gpupdate command
login to your 2003 server. Right click on the desktop and select Properties. Select Screensaver tab. Check the box labeled "On resume, password protect"

Free! :P

If you want it to apply multiple computers, users, or servers, you need to do a screensaver GPO.  Before I suggest that, is this server part of a domain environment?
ics-pcAuthor Commented:
Already did, and tried using group policy mgr. It's done broke. I really don't feel like spending time repairing the screen saver, so I thought a little app would be a good work around.
I'd suggest just trying to fix it, as adding an app on top of it wont work if your policy/registry settings are broke in the first place. You will also find a lot of those screensaver locking apps are just malware/adware vehicles--because windows does this feature so well natively.

Try this...

Open registry. Go to:
HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop

Look for the following keys and verify their values. They should all be "REG_SZ" and not "RE_DWORD"

ScreenSaveActive  = 1
ScreenSaverIsSecure = 1
ScreenSaveTimeOut = 600 (or any time you want--in seconds)
SCRNSAVE.EXE = C:\WINDOWS\System32\logon.scr

If any of those values are incorrect, fix them to match. If any of the registry items are missing, add them in.

Also, make sure your server is up to date on patches.
If you already tried to force the screensaver lock via GPO, you may want to run gpresult on the clients...  you may find some security setting blocking the GPO's ability to update the client PC's.
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