Thickbox($_POST) Posting html data from textarea is removing newline character when read at server.

I have a thickbox window from where I can send email. (HTML email)
My email messages/body are assigned to a textarea in the thickbox using javascript.
When I submit the thickbox form It should send an email with mail-body mentioned in textarea.
Everything goes fine but the mailbody has NO linebreaks or newline characters.

I tried all these at the end of each line in text area, but nothing worked.

How to send this HTML email body with linebreaks ?

//Assigning mail content to text area.
getDocumentElementById('mail-message').value = '
Dear Sir,\r\n\
  This is in accordance with ....\r\n\
blah blah blah...................\r\n\
Thanking You \r\n\
- whoever\r\n\


In PHP (ServerCode)
$_POST['mail-message'] contains text without newline or line breaks.
$_POST['mail-message'] =>>> 'Dear Sir, This is in accordance with ...
blah blah blah...................Thanking You - whoever';

My email format is HTML email. (adding "<br/>" at the line end also had same results.)

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hi, I'm not sure that i understood your problem but maybe you could try with html, change \r\n\ with <br />. I has worked for me before.

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try <br> withot the /
BToTheAToTheBABAAuthor Commented:
declaring mail as html mail (not text mail)
and  worked
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