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I'm having a problem with setting the Chrome Type in MOSS 2007.  I'm not sure when it happened, because the last time I changed the Chrome Type was several months ago.  The strange thing is if I go to an existing list or document library and add another webpart to the page (for example, the same list, but with a different view), I can change the Chrome Type with no problems to something like "Title Only" or "Title and Border".  If I try to create a new document library or list, and attempt to change the Chrome Type, it will not stay once I exit the editing mode in the browser.  It let's me choose another option, but when exiting the edit page screen, it goes back to "none".  I've tried changing it in SharePoint Designer as well, and still no luck.  It's as if there is a global option overiding my changes for Chrome Type.  I've tried adding a new list at various places in the site to see if it is specific to one site, but it's not.  Thanks in advance.
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JoestetzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Like I said, SharePoint automatically does this for these pages. There is no OOTB way to get around this for that particular page. As a workaround, you can create a page in a document library (for instance, Pages) and place this List on that page as the sole web part. you would then be able to edit the Chrome Type on this page because it is not a defined list view page in SharePoint.

1. Create a document library called Pages (or something similar/use an existing one)
2. Create a Blank Web Part Page in the library
3. Add the list/libary as a Web Part from the Web Part picker.
4. Change the Chrome Type
5. In Site Settings, change the Quick Launch navigation to point to this page instead of the OOTB list
Unfortunately, I believe this is a behavior SharePoint enforces for the OOTB list/library views. Because those pages (I assume you mean as an example) are the landing paging for interacting with lists, they have a forced view. I am sure there is some way around this, but I have not had the need to use Chrome Type on these pages. In my opinion, it is best to have users not directly access lists, but instead have other mechanisms of adding and managing items elsewhere on the sites.
SVMMikeAuthor Commented:
The problem I'm having is that I can't get the Title for the webpart to show up at all in the Chrome.  I can Edit the Page, modify the webpart, scroll down to Chrome Type and change it from "None" to "Title" and hit ok.  It will appear as long as I am still in edit page mode, but as soon as I hit "Exit Edit Mode" the Title (for the Webpart) disappears again.  I go back to edit mode to check it's setting and the Chrome Type has been changed back to "None".  It just won't stay.
SVMMikeAuthor Commented:
Excellent - thank you!
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