Trend Micro WFBS Real Time scan service stops running

I'm baffled, every day it is the same thing
Log into our monitoring software to find Trend Micro popping up and down like a child throwing a tantrum, the Real Time scan service has stopped itself again...

This is a recurring issue with a single client server. We have the same service running on all our other clients without issue, but this is a daily problem we have to address.

The only thing I can find is this error happening around the same time the service decides to shut itself off.

Timeout (30000 milliseconds) waiting for a transaction response from the NtFrs service.

Thanks EE!
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Hi EE,

Not knowing if your running WFBS 6.0 there is a hotfix availible to correct the issue your describing (HF-1727) of if your running SP1 (HF-2272).

Another alternative is to update to WFBS 6.0 SP2 which contains the hotfixes and corrects the client behaviour you have been having.



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itnorthserviceAuthor Commented:
Good Solution!!
Saved me a massive headache with TM support
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