Simplest way to put an MP3 + a crystal clear static image on YouTube?

I'd like a simple way to upload long mp3s (10 mins+) to YouTube - with a crystal-clear, static image as the "video". (In segments, of course, as YouTube doesn't allow videos over 10 minutes.)

Most people's first choice is Windows Movie Maker, because it came with their PC. The problem is that Windows Movie Maker almost never does what I tell it to do. It usually gives me an error no matter what settings I use.

Lots of other free video editing programs don't handle the formats I want, or their editing is buggy.

My favorite video editor is Cyberlink PowerDirector, which combines the best in features with a very easy to use interface. A promising free video editor is Videospin. You can use either of them to create a video file that combines a static image you've created with the audio of your podcast episode. So I created a video of some audio with PowerDirector.

I still needed to split my video file into 10-minute segments. I tried Easy Video Splitter, but it broke the audio, no matter what format of video I gave it. I tried YouTube Video Splitter & Uploader, but it degraded the quality of the static image badly.

So I tried another path. A website called 'MP3 2 Tube' will combine your image file and your audio file and upload them as a video to your YouTube account. But you need to split your audio into 10-minute segments first.

So for that I tried Cool MP3 Splitter, but it didn't work right. So then I tried Slice Audio File Splitter, and that works except that when you play the files in a media player, it will report the wrong audio duration. But that's okay. They will still end up okay on YouTube via 'MP3 2 Tube.' Except that MP3 2 Tube plasters an annoying "UPLOAD MP3S AT MP32TUBE.COM" message on every video you upload with the service.

So that's no good. Luckily, somebody made an imitation site that doesn't put a message on your videos: But I always get a 'video not found or access denied' message when using that site.

Next thing to try was uMusic, a simple program where you (1) pick a JPEG image, (2) pick and MP3 file, and (3) click Encode to create the video. Unfortunately, it squishes and degrades the image you give it, and degrades the audio as well.

So then I tried fraxtil's suggested command using ffmpeg:

But I get: "Error while opening encoder for output stream #0.0 – maybe incorrect parameters such as bit_rate, rate, width or height"

Does anybody have a better way?
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VideoLAN Movie Creator is a simple video editor made by the people who created the hugely popular VLC Player. It's free and can be downloaded here:

Most apps that are designed to prepare video for youtube will recompress the video and audio, as youtube will do that anyway in many cases when you upload the video. Some legacy apps will have a greater level of compression applied due to Youtube's video standards being previously lower than they are now.
I have used Windows Movie maker 2 and never had any problems using it to add audio to a jpeg. the only thing using WMM  is I had to convert my audio to wav so it was supported.
Then export as WMV.
Maybe we can work out what you're doing wromg in WMM2, as it's really the simplest.
I'd cut the mp3 audio tracks first to what lenth you need,  use Audacity, simple enough. just mark in mark out > highlight the piece >>Export as wav.
Here's how to using Windows Live Movie Maker
you can either save movie as or  publish to youtube, preferred save movie as>select standard  it then saves in WMV format
I then converted it to flv for EE so you could see it, but youtube converts your clips to flv for you even from WMV


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