503 service not found event id 5139 and 5002. Win2008 64bit and II7

All - after changing the app pool setting enable 32 bit apps to true, I'm getting a 503 err msg thrown.
Here's a link that describes my problem, and a solution.

I don't rpc over http proxy installed however.  I looked in the apphost.config file for the line mentioned in that link and I don't find it.

Would someone clue me in as to what I might look for or change to solve this problem?

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mobotAuthor Commented:
Here's the link that solved my 503 problem.


My 503 problem was caused by a partially hosed install of a site generator app.  
Shreedhar EtteCommented:
For which web site you changed the application pool settings?
That page look for a more specfic error rpcproxy do you use that?

If you do use here are some forum post about it in teh IIS forums I helped out with:


What 503 error are you getting. look in the IIS logs and let us know if there is a subcode

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