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Help with Home network with 2 routers. Private and Public.

Hi, I hope someone can help me out. I've been given 6 static IP's from my ISP and desperately need some help setting up my network.

Currently I'm unable to access services on my Linux machine from outside my network even though I have a public, internet routable address.  I think my problem is NAT is turn on for Router A which is odd because I thought setting the Endpoint Filtering to Endpoint Independant in the firewall settings turned NAT off. Here is my topology:

                              ISP (Connects with PPPoE)
                        DLINK-DIR825 (Router A)
                        WAN IP From ISP: 209.183.*.*/32
                        LAN IP:  216.*.*.137/29

                                Router Config:
                               Has DHCP off      
                               SPI = off
                               TCP/UDP endpoint filtering option  set to ‘Endpoint independent’
                               DMZ set to ROUTER B - 216.*.*.138/29

DLINK-DIR825(Router B)                                         Linux Fedora 10
WAN IP: 216.*.*.138/29                                    2 NICS
LAN IP:                              eth0 Connected to Router A   216.*.*.139/29
DHCP ON                                                          eth1 Connected to Router B
DNS ON                        

3 Hosts Connected

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to disable NAT on Router A - or any recommendations on how I should setup my network?

Thanks in advance,

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1 Solution
You are unable to access your linux machine - does this mean you *are* able to access Router B?

The general form of my question is - can you access anything in the 216.*.*.136/29 network?

If you traceroute from the outside to any address, does it definitely get to your wan IP: 209.183.*.*?

washy16Author Commented:
Hi muff,

Thanks for you help.

No, I'm unable to any of my public IPs. Including Router A. I can ping my WAN ip on ROUTER A but nothing past that. Which is why I beleive it has to do with NAT still enabled on ROUTER A.
is your default gateway on these devices the address of your 8 addresses at the ISp end?
Please provide a traceroute from outside your network to any of the public IPs that should be accessible.

Can you ping them from Router A?
washy16Author Commented:
I found the solution on my own.

I installed DDWRT custom firmware on Router A, disabled NAT, and put in static routes.

Problem solves.
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